IVD solutions through partnership

Mast® was formed in 1957 by John Oliver and reached it's 60th year in business in 2017. The UK operation is based at Mast House, formerly Bootle General Hospital, which was originally opened in 1872, but is now complemented by modern manufacturing facilities.

The company was first set up to manufacture antibiotic sensitivity test discs from which the Mast® name was derived. Mast® is an acronym standing for Multichrome Antibiotic Sensitivity Test.

Since 1957, the product range has been greatly expanded and Mast® now supply a huge variety of customers in hospital, private clinical, public health and veterinary laboratories as well as blood banks, food and water testing facilities and pharmaceutical companies.

Mast® has always been proud of its well qualified, highly trained and hard working staff who are dedicated to serving this increasing range of customers.

In the meantime the product range has been substantially expanded, including specialisms in:

  • Microbiology
  • Blood group serology
  • Diagnosis of autoimmune diseases
  • Infection diagnostics
  • Molecular biology diagnostics
  • Early detection of colorectal cancer with FIT

For more detailed information on our other product ranges please visit our homepage: http://www.mastgrp.com

Equally Mast’s marketing area has expanded greatly. The Mast Group meanwhile comprises four sites and through its own distribution, as well as a network of experienced distributors, serves over 70 markets worldwide.

Mast Group Locations

  • Mast Group Limited, parent company, in Liverpool, UK
  • Mast Diagnostica GmbH, German subsidiary with principal office in Reinfeld, near to Hamburg
  • Mast Diagnostic, French subsidiary in Amiens, north of Paris