Mast & Eiken in partnership

Mast® and Eiken have a long standing partnership that has seen them collaborating for over 30 years. In Europe, Mast® have established the OC-Sensor FIT test in 10 countries. In France in 2015, a national FIT screening programme was implemented for the early detection of colorectal cancer (CRC). Approximately 8 million eligible people receiving written invitations, for FIT screening with OC-Sensor annually.

In the Austrian Burgenland, early detection of colorectal cancer is given great significance. As early as 2003, an organised screening programme (bPREDICT) was initiated for the early detection of CRC. Since 2010 approximately 150,000 Burgenlanders have been invited every year for FIT screening with OC-Sensor.

Mast® and Eiken have extensive experience in both national CRC screening programmes and in other screening projects. Each new screening project, however big or small, is looked after competently and individually by us.