The test can be performed by your patient simply and hygienically at home. The following instructions must be taken into account in its implementation:

  • If the test is not used, it will keep at room temperature until the date stated on the label.
  • Please do not take samples during menstruation.
  • As soon as the sample has been taken, it must be returned and evaluated immediately in order to guarantee a reliable result.
  • Before implementing the test no special diet is required.
  • Do not take a repeat sample: insert the test-wand into the sample tube once only.


1. Write your forename and surname, as well as the date your sample was taken, onto the labelled sample tube.
2. Before passing stools place a few layers of toilet paper into the toilet to help you collect material.
3. Having passed stools take the sample tube and gently turn the turquoise cap, then withdraw it, complete with test-wand, from the tube.
4. Rub the tip of the turquoise test-wand over different parts of the stool sample.
5. Following this the grooves on the tip must be completely filled with stool sample
6. Insert the test-wand into the sample tube and thereby seal it. When there is an audible ‘click’ the sample tube is properly closed. Do not take a repeat sample.
7. Shake the sealed sample tube vigorously. Place it in the green bag and seal this.
8. Return the sample tube to the place that issued it as quickly as possible; returning it quickly increases the dependability of the sample.