Precise, standardised and quantitative evaluation with the most modern analysis techniques

The impact of Colorectal cancer, can be reduced with simple early detection measures. When made available to patients and doctors, OC Sensor is a robust, simple to use and non-invasive  quantitative screening test. By reducing unnecessary colonoscopy procedures, OC Sensor has been shown to be an effective tool in management of both patients and health care resources.

In the last few years immunochemical stool tests (FIT: Faecal Immunochemical Test) have become established. The group of so-called quantitative FIT systems count as the first choice test for population-wide early detection measures.


Early detection with OC-Sensor: the worldwide no. 1 in FIT Screening

OC-Sensor is a quantitative FIT and the market leader for FIT screening worldwide. The test method is based on the turbidmetric measurement of a latex agglutination reaction, which is fully automated. Through extensive evaluation it has been confirmed that with the OC-Sensor FIT the detection rate for colorectal cancer, and specifically its precursors, is 2-3 times better than with gFOBT, while the participation rate lies at around 13% higher. Based on these results the test was adopted into the S3 guidelines “Colorectal Carcinoma” in 2013.

Innovative analysis with OC-Sensor Technology

OC-Sensor iO and OC-Sensor Pledia are fully automated solutions that can be easily implemented into laboratory workflows for reliable analysis of faecal samples for CRC:

  • Fully automated and hygienic: no manual sample preparation or opening of the sample tubes required.
  • Optimal pre-analytics and sample stability: the innovative OC-Sensor sample tubes are the pre-requisite for your reliable laboratory analysis.
  • Standardised and quality-assured analysis: reliable and objective, fully automated analysis; all reagents, quality controls and calibrators are ready for use.
  • Capacity: OC-Sensor Pledia (320 tests per hour) for high performance, or OC-Sensor iO with a capacity of 88 tests per hour – you decide which system suits your requirements.
  • Rapid: First results obtained in just 7 minutes.

Find out more about the test principle of OC-Sensor

OC-Sensor Pledia

The OC-Sensor Pledia is the latest development from the
OC-Sensor range, including all of the tried and tested ideas and technologies of its predecessors, while retaining the compact and well-tested design.


OC-Sensor iO

The OC-Sensor iO, from the established OC-Sensor series, includes all of the features and technologies of this series, and is distinguished by its particularly compact design.