Experience efficiency: Full automation for the smallest space

The OC-Sensor product line has been on the market since 1989. Since then the OC-Sensor FIT Analysers have become renowned for reliable tests and precise measurements worldwide.

The OC-Sensor iO, from the established OC-Sensor series, includes all of the features and technologies of this series, and is distinguished by its particularly compact design. With a minimum space requirement of only 360 x 560 x 425 mm the OC-Sensor iO fits into every laboratory, giving satisfaction with its high performance capability of 88 tests per hour.

Overview of OC-Sensor

  • Compact design: 360 x 560 x 425 mm (width x depth x height), minimal space requirement
  • Easy to use: simply press “START” to start the analysis
  • Continuous loading (random access): during the analysis samples, latex reagent and cuvettes can be additionally loaded continuously
  • High flow rate: 88 tests per hour
  • Fast: first results after 7 minutes

Fully automated analysis for efficient FIT screening

5 samples per rack. 20 samples (4 racks) per load
Continuous loading of samples, latex reagent and cuvettes possible during the analysis
Mixer for high reproducibility
Press to open the cover
5.7 inch LCD touch-panel
Insert sample racks
Insert cuvettes
Insert latex reagent
Press “START”
The first result is printed after 7 minutes

OC-Sensor for efficient and reliable FIT screening

  • Full automation and objective test results
  • Increase in laboratory productivity
  • Effective deployment of personnel
  • Rapid and reliable evidence of occult haemoglobin in stools

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