FIT Around The World

Increased uptake rates for OC-Sensor in Spain
Basque country recently presented a poster, displaying exceptional uptake rates in the 4th consecutive round of screening; at the 2017 International Cancer Screening Network (ICSN). The poster demonstrates an overall increase in participation of men from 63.7% to 71.9% and 69.1% to 76% in women, from the 1st round to the 4th round, respectively. The importance of the first participation is demonstrated as key to the successive increase in uptake from 66.5% to 74.1%.

MAST® establishes OC-Sensor FIT in Germany
Earlier this year (since April 1st this year), CRC screening in Germany and reimbursement switched from gFOBT to quantitative FIT. Authorities have set up strict requirements in regards to analytical and clinical test criteria for eligible tests which OC-Sensor is 100% compliant. Additionally, MAST® has successfully developed a patient sample kit specific for the German market to overcome logistic challenges and offer the best service to the customers.   OC-Sensor has been installed in many laboratories across Germany within the last months and has become market leader of FIT in Germany.

OC-Sensor in Malta
MAST® is very pleased to announce that OC-Sensor has been successful in retaining the screening business in Malta for the fourth time. The contract was retendered earlier this year for a subsequent 2-year period. We look forward to seeing the outcome of the first rounds shortly and continuing our relationship with the Maltese screening programme.