Testing for colorectal cancer: A focus on FIT technology

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Testing for Colorectal Cancer

Approximately 41,000 people are diagnosed with colorectal cancer (CRC) in the UK each year, and over 90% of cases are treated successfully following early detection. However, to selectively refer those patients with suspected CRC in a primary care setting remains immensely challenging. The recent revision of the NICE (NG12) ‘red flag’ criteria for the two-week wait aims to increase the CRC detection rate.

For the first time, NG12 includes the option to test for occult blood in faeces. While intended for specific patient cohorts, the guidelines stop short of suggesting appropriate technologies and how to establish this new service. Although perceived as cheap, guaiac products are approximately 100 times less sensitive than the modern quantitative faecal immunochemical tests (FIT) now available.

OC-Sensor manufactured by Eiken Chemical Company and distributed in the UK by Mast Group Ltd, is a quantitative FIT platform that is simple to use, flexible to your laboratory and reliable. As well as being the only quantitative FIT assay that has US Food and Drug Administration approval (FDA), OC-Sensor is the world’s leading FIT and has been adopted for laboratory use and CRC screening programmes in over 42 countries.

Offering two platforms the OC-Sensor technology can be easily integrated into both large and small laboratories:

Additionally, the OC-Sensor sample tubes are designed for single use and are simple and hygienic to use. The well-engineered test-wand, integrated into the cap, allows the collection of 10mg of stool sample every time. The user-friendly and innovative sample tubes have led to more than 10% increase in the participation rates in recent evaluations, compared to the Guaiac test.

So, are you FIT for the future? Adopt OC-Sensor the clear path to an effective, efficient service.

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