NG12 – OC Sensor shown to be cost effective

OC Sensor
OC Sensor

The recent publication of the NICE Diagnostics guidance reported that OC Sensor is cost effective in the NG12 pathway when compared to other FIT, guaiac and no triage models.

A breakdown of costs and outcomes in the financial analysis demonstrated that in the base case, OC Sensor generated 38% less false positives than comparator FIT products.

Less false positives should result in a significant reduction in 2ww pathway colonoscopies and reduced patient exposure to the small but not insignificant risk of colonoscopy related complications. Adopting OC Sensor will increase colonoscopy yield while reducing patient waiting times.

Using a cut off of 10ug/g as part of the NG12 pathway, the NICE diagnostic guidance calculates that OC Sensor will offer clinicians a negative predictive value of 99.8%.