The most widely used FIT in the world. Over 120 million OC-Sensor™ sample bottles used per year in over 50 countries globally.

Hygienic and precise sample taking and analysis

The OC-Sensor™ sample bottles are designed for single use and are simple and hygienic to use. The well-engineered design makes precise and reliable sample-taking and analysis possible.

With the help of the screw-thread wand integrated into the cap, 10mg of stool sample is transferred into 2 ml of stabilising sample buffer solution.

The user-friendly and innovative OC-Sensor™ sample bottles have led to a more than 10% increase in the participation rates, compared to the Guaiac test.

One stool sample is sufficient.

Simple and hygenic sample-taking: The sample bottles are to be opened by the patient for sample-taking.
Patients use the screw-thread wand intergrated into the bottle cap to scrape along the stool surface to collect their sample.
Hygienic sample analysis: OC-Sensor™ gives fully automated analysis in the laboratory. Samples are ready to test on receipt to the laboratory, no further manual preperation of the samples or opening of the bottles is necessary.
Optimal stability and pre-analytics: The buffer solution in the sample bottle guarantees optimum stabilisation of the haemoglobin in the sample from collection to analysis in the laboratory (7 days at room temperature, 28 days at 2-8°C)
Integrated filter: Resists particulate components and ensures trouble-free operation and minimal maintenance of the analyser.
Barcode labels: Sample collection bottles are available to the laboratory with or without barcodes.
Stable design, flat surface: Easy to write on, robust and safe for transporting the sample.
Precise and standardised sample-taking: A precisely defined quantity of the stool sample is introduced to buffer for quantitative analysis. Excess stool material is removed via an intergrated scraper built into the bottle design.
Squeeze up system: Sample can be re-tested due to the squeeze up system of sampling unique to OC-Sensor™. Sample is clean and dry following analysis and does not require resealing for storage.