The patient friendly logistical solution for implementing quantitative FIT with the OC-Sensor™

UK laboratories are already in the process of establishing FIT, but with confusion over pathway guidance, variation in local pathology infrastructure, specimen request processes and IT limitations, creation of a logistical solution to distribute and return samples is often under appreciated.

Building upon more than a decade of experience in the design and creation of FIT patient packs for asymptomatic screening programs across Europe, Mast is now able to offer a complete customised solution for symptomatic patients.

Your FITpac can be customised from individual components (including the OC-Sensor™ Auto-3 sample collection bottle, bespoke instruction sheets, special faeces collection paper and return envelopes) and supplied ‘ready to use’.

Overview of FITpac

  • A FITpac solution can be designed for your specific needs.
  • FITpac is the proven logistical solution.
  • FITpac will increase patient compliance through user friendly instructions, avoiding complications and delays from repeat sampling.
  • FITpac is provided 'ready to use'. Saving time and money in the laboratory
  • Mast Group has solutions for sample return via post or GP pathology collection to your local laboratory.

FITpac Instructional Video

Fully assembled packs: Components

FITpac envelope
OC-Sensor Auto-3 sample collection bottle
Bespoke instruction sheet
Specimen pathology bag
Return envelope (optional)
Special faeces-collection paper (optional)

Flyer to download as a PDF document