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The OC-Sensor™ product line has been on the market since 1989. Since then the OC-Sensor™ FIT Analysers have become renowned for reliable tests and precise measurements worldwide.

The OC-Sensor™ Pledia is the latest development from the OC-Sensor range, including all of the tried and tested ideas and technologies of its predecessors, while retaining the compact and well-tested design. Thereby, the OC-Sensor™ Pledia offers improved user-friendliness and operation, and above all, better performance capability.

New: OC-Sensor™ Pledia

  • Rapid and reliable detection of occult haemoglobin in stools
  • Full automation and objective test results
  • Increased laboratory productivity with effective use of personnel
  • Increased performance capability
  • Improved user interface
  • Compact benchtop analyser with large testing capacity
  • Successor to the DIANA system

High performance analysis for efficient large volume symptomatic testing or FIT screening

Speed: Analysis of 320 samples per hour
Sample Loading: Loading of 200 samples at once and/or continuous follow-on loading
Reagent Loading: Space for 3 reagent containers on-board for efficient high performance
Automatic Rack Recognition: Automatic start of analysis as soon as a rack is placed inside
User Friendly Touch Panel: 10.5 inch LCD touch panel with adjustable angle of vision for optimum viewing
Real Time Information: Information regarding the status of sample processing and reagent status can be accessed.
QC Functions: comprehensive QC functions available, such as X-R control screen or automatic CV calculation
Full Automation:: Potential for automatic activation, start and finish
Automatic Identification of Measure Variants: via rack-specific barcodes
Prozone Recognition: Automated Prozone Recognition

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