All of the reagents in the OC-Sensor™ system are ready for use. As well as saving time and offering less scope for error, the dropper bottles permit straightforward and fast dispensing of the daily QC controls and calibrators.

Long stability for efficient and economic working

  • QC control (LV1, LV2, LV3) and Calibrator Kits (1 and 2) have a shelf-life of 1 year – (despite opening) providing they are stored at 2-8°C.
  • Latex reagent has a shelf-life of 1 year. Re-calibration is necessary only if the batch of reagent changes.

Optimum sample stability and safe sample transport

Auto-3 sample bottle stability

The sample buffer in the OC-Sensor™ sample bottles ensures optimum stability and safe transport of the samples, from collection to analysis. Constructed from double-walled plastic, the OC-Sensor™ collection bottles are extremely robust and retain their shape during transit.

Haemoglobin is a very unstable target which starts to degrade as soon as it is released from the body, the OC-Sensor™ Auto-3 sample collection bottle affords unparalleled stability of haemoglobin ensuring viability even at high temperatures.

For samples that were stored in sample containers at 2 - 8oC for 28 days, a haemoglobin recovery rate of 95% ± 14.7 (2 SD) was ascertained. After 7 days storage at 25oC a recovery rate of 96% ± 20.4 (2 SD) was ascertained and at 30oC 89% ± 20.5 (2 SD).

Unique Low Control

Accurate at extremely low concentrations, the new LV3 Liquid Control ensures confidence at the clinical decision point of 10µg haemoglobin/g faeces set by NICE DG30 for symptomatic patients. NICE DG30 recommends OC-Sensor™ FIT for detection of occult blood in faeces for patients at low risk but not no-risk of having colorectal cancer.

Dropper bottles for OC-Sensor™ controls and OC-Sensor™ calibrators
OC-Sensor™ Buffer, OC-Sensor™ Latex
OC-Calibrator 2 Kit
OC-Sensor™ Controls

OC-Sensor™ Sample Collection Bottles & Accessories

Product code Description Pack size
V-PZ25 OC-Sensor™ sample bottles (with barcode) 100 items
V-PZ26 OC-Sensor™ sample bottles (without barcode) 100 items
ST020 OC-Sensor™ printer paper 20 rolls
V-3003 OC-Sensor™ toilet liners 2500 items

Reagents & Consumables for OC-Sensor™ iO

Product Code Description Pack Size
V-PH18 OC-Sensor™ iO Latex Reagent 2 x 7ml
V-PH46 OC™-Sensor™ iO Buffer 200ml
M-5L01 DISPO10 OC-Sensor™ iO Reaction Cells 1000
EU074 2ml Conical Hitachi Cups 1000

Reagents & Consumables for OC-Sensor™ PLEDIA

Product code Description Pack size
V-PZ01 OC-Sensor™ PLEDIA Latex Reagents 5 x 15 mL
V-PZ03 OC-Sensor™ PLEDIA Buffer 500 mL
MV5F01 OC-Sensor™ PLEDIA Reaction Cells 5 x 11

Controls & Calibrator

Product code Description Pack size
V-PH52 OC-Sensor™ Calibrator 2 Kit 1 x 3ml
V-PH53 OC-Sensor™ Control LV1 2 x 5ml
V-PH54 OC-Sensor™ Control LV2 2 x 5ml
V-PH59 OC-Sensor™ Control LV3 2 x 5ml