The success of any screening programme relies on its participation rate

Hygienic and precise sample taking and analysis

The OC-Sensor sample tubes are designed for single use and are simple and hygienic to use. The well-engineered design makes precise and reliable sample-taking and analysis possible.

With the help of the test-wand integrated into the cap, 10mg of stool sample is transferred into 2 ml of stabilising sample buffer solution.

The user-friendly and innovative OC-Sensor sample tubes have led to a more than 10% increase in the participation rates, compared to the Guaiac test.

One stool sample is sufficient.

Simple and hygenic sample-taking: The sample tubes are to be opened by the user for sample-taking.
Sample-taking is done via a test-wand, integrated into the bottle cap.
Hygienic sample analysis: For fully automated analysis in the laboratory, no further manual preparation of the samples or opening of the tubes is necessary.
Optimal stability and pre-analytics: The sample buffer solution included guarantees optimum stabilisation of the haemoglobin in the sample from collection to analysis in the laboratory (7 days at room temperature, 28 days at 2-8°C)
Integrated filter: Resists particulate components and ensures trouble-free operation of the analyzer.
Duplicate barcode labels: For safe and anonymous patient detection.
Stable design, flat surface: Easy to write on, safe for transporting the sample. The OC-Sensor sample tubes are suitable primary vessels, in accordance with guideline UN3373, for the transport of biological materials, category B.
Precise and standardised sample-taking: Absorption of a precisely defined quantity of the sample by means of a calibrated test-wand for quantitative analysis. Excess stool material is removed.