FIT screening for the early detection of colorectal cancer

FIT screening has become the method of choice for the early detection of colorectal cancer (CRC). Over 120 million people across 55 countries are screened using OC-Sensor™ every year through established national programmes. European guidelines* recommend quantitative FIT as the first choice test for population-wide colorectal cancer screening. (Karsa, L. et al. Overview: European guidelines for quality assurance in CRC screening and diagnosis…Endoscopy 2013; 45: 51-59)

OC-Sensor™ completely fulfills all the requirements of the European Guidelines for the quality assurance in colorectal cancer screening and diagnosis


Colonoscopy remains the standard method to diagnose Colorectal Cancer. However, colonoscopy does have limitations, the uptake by patients is very low because the bowel preparation process and the procedure itself are unpleasant for patients. Colonoscopy is an invasive procedure and while minimal, is not without risk.

In most countries, available colonoscopy resource is scarce. By implementing OC-Sensor™, national and regional cancer prevention schemes are able to balance population screening with local infrastructure and resources.

FIT-Screening with OC-Sensor™

  • Simple and hygienic to use
  • Non-invasive
  • One stool sample
  • No dietary restrictions
  • Better sensitivity and specificity than gFOBT
  • Quality-assured quantitative analysis
  • Good performance evaluated in extensive clinical trials
  • The most recognised FIT screening worldwide
  • Completely fulfils all the requirements in the new guidelines for the early detection of cancer
  • Full automation and objective test results
  • Increased laboratory productivity
  • Effective use of personnel
  • Rapid and reliable detection of occult haemoglobin in stools

Useful link for health professionals

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