Level 3 Liquid Control - How low can you go?

For a controlled clinical decision point -

Accuracy and confidence in faecal immunochemical testing (FIT) is critical.

OC-Sensor is routinely employed by Bowel Cancer Screening Programs worldwide to quantify very small amounts of haemoglobin in stool samples.

When adopting FIT in a pathway to triage symptomatic patients, an even lower cut off must be adopted to ensure a negative predictive value of >99.8% (NICE DG30).

To ensure accuracy at these extremely low concentrations, MAST is proud to introduce the new LV3 Liquid Control.

Unique to OC-Sensor, LV-3 ensures confidence close to the clinical decision point of 10ug/g (NICE DG30).

  • Ready to use liquid IQC
  • Dropper bottle presentation
  • Exceptional stability - even when opened!

4 drops and press ‘start’ – Simple as that!